Preforming For You

  • Wed 25 AprilMelbourne The Palace

Beaches are Antonia Sellbach on guitar and vocals, Alison Bolger on guitar and vocals, Ali McCann on guitar and vocals, Gill Tucker on bass and vocals and Karla Way on drums and vocals. The band’s communal creative processes are collaborative and intuitive, a shared stream of consciousness and subconsciousness which allows each member’s textural layers and sonic harmonics to emerge and merge into the whole. The stylistic shades reflect the shared musical loves of Beaches, from 1960s hit parades to 1970s psychedelia, shoegaze to prog, southern boogie to krautrock. Rippin’ up the surf and kickin’ sand in your eyes, Beaches are your Dig it Up! surprise packet! Not anymore…

Watch Beaches and other great gigs on Moshcam.

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