Preforming For You

  • Wed 25 AprilMelbourne The Palace

You know that picture on the cover of The Wailers ‘Out of our Tree’ album? That’s The Frowning Clouds.

And you know that song ‘Ain’t No Friend of Mine’ by The Sparkles? That’s The Frowning Clouds.

And you know that episode of The Munsters that features The Standells? That’s The Frowning Clouds.

Not literally of course but put ‘em all together and that’s what makes up The Frowning Clouds. Note perfect, fringe perfect sixties garage punk brought to you from the bowels of hell, Geelong Victoria.

Their latest 7″ single ‘All Night Long/Dame-A-Dozen’ was committed to glorious 4-track in friend Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows) garage a mere 5 minutes after having been written. Time wasters… it makes The Stems sound like Black Sabbath.

Off the wall.


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